Policies and

Rokita Dance Center is a professional facility striving to provide the best dance training 

by our talented faculty and guest artists while creating a safe and welcoming environment

for our students and their families. We expect all who enter RDC to treat others

as they want others to treat them.


There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee which includes a Rokita Dance Center t-shirt. The fee is due with the registration form annually. Registration is complete and class space is reserved when the fee is paid and the form is submitted.

Registration begins in the spring semester for the following dance year and will continue even after the new dance year starts. Some classes will reach maximum class capacity and we will have to close enrollment on them. However, RDC does reserve the right to change or cancel scheduled classes due to lack of enrollment. Due to these reasons, students cannot come and go from month to month. A student may pay monthly, but when enrolling in a class the student is committing to at least one semester.

If dropping from a class/classes an add/drop form needs to submitted to the front desk.


Attendance is required and necessary for skill development and individual and class improvement. Students should attend all classes unless there is an illness or family emergency. Absences affect the individual student, the instructor, and the overall class progress.

In the case of inclement weather, check our RDC Facebook page, Twitter account, or voicemail for info on class cancellations and studio closings. RDC may have cancellations and closings due to winter or severe weather.

Students are encouraged to make up any class missed. In order to make up a missed or cancelled class a student should attend a class of the same style missed in either a lower level or one level above the student’s current level.

Dress Code

Students are to be appropriately dressed for each class. Our dress code reflects professionalism and allows the instructors to see body lines and give accurate corrections.

  • Creative Movement Dance 1 & 2, Pre-Combo, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap, Pre-Jazz: leotard of any color, tights
  • Tap 1-3, Jazz 1-4, Pom, Progressions, Combo: leotard or dance top/sports bra and dance shorts/leggings
  • Pre-Tumbling-Tumbling 3, Modern/Contemporary: leotard or dance top/sports bra and dance shorts/leggings, hair in bun, no shoes
  • Ballet 1-4, Pre-Pointe-Pointe 2: black leotard, pink tights, hair in bun, ballet skirts are optional
  • Male Dancers: t-shirt in appropriate size, knee-length shorts, black Ballet, Tap, or Jazz shoes

The appropriate shoes should be worn for each specific style. Pink Ballet shoes for Ballet, black Tap shoes for Tap, tan Jazz shoes or tan turners for Jazz, Lyrical, and Pom, and tennis shoes designated for dance only for Hip-Hop and Strength & Conditioning.

Hair must be pulled back, out of the student’s face, and secure, meaning it will stay up for the whole class. There will be no jewelry worn in class. Injuries can occur from getting tangled in dangling earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Warm-up clothing is only allowed when the instructor gives students permission to wear it.

No underwear is to be worn underneath leotard and tights.

Facility Guidelines

Rokita Dance Center strongly encourages communication between the parents of our students and our faculty. In order for RDC to function effectively and efficiently all lines of communication must be open.  Students, parents, and instructors are responsible for effectively and clearly communicating with each other.

Students should be dropped off and picked up at their class time.  Drivers should be careful in the parking lot due to children. If a parent has not arrived by the class end due to unforeseen circumstances, the student will be in the front office area. It is to everyone’s benefit that students are picked up on time. The faculty and staff are busy and leave promptly at the end of the final class each day.  Our students’ safety is important to us.

RDC is a smoke free facility.

Only RDC students, faculty, and staff are allowed in the three classrooms unless invited in by a faculty member for a specific reason.

All food and drink must remain in the RDC lounge area. The only exception is students bringing closed water bottles in the classrooms during classes and rehearsals.

There is to be NO gum in the RDC classrooms.

There is to be no horseplay anywhere in the RDC facility. This includes the classrooms and ballet barres.

All three RDC classrooms have an observation window. While observing thru the observation windows please do not distract the students and the class in any way; for example, knocking on the window, waving thru the window, or talking on a cell phone. Please be courteous to other observers.

While waiting in the lobby and lounge areas please watch noise level, monitor other children with you, and clean up after yourself.

RDC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Students should have their names inside of dance shoes and dance attire and on any personal dance/work out equipment they bring into RDC. Students are urged to not bring valuables with them, as all belongings and dance bags will be stored outside of the classrooms during classes and rehearsals.

Stop by the studio or contact us for more information.



Rokita Dance Center’s mission is to provide students with a comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of dance in a manner that embraces a passion for the art form. Rokita Dance Center strongly believes in making dance accessible to everyone and strives to provide a moral foundation for building self-esteem and improving personal confidence. We instill in our dancers an enthusiasm and desire to have a positive influence within each of their communities.

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